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Jayce Lewis has been in the business of theatre for as long as they can remember - starting with cultural events in downtown San Antonio and then graduating to musical theatre camp at The Magik Children's Theatre in San Antonio. Their first official role being "Horton" in Suessical the Musical at the age of 10. It was in their third year at Columbia College that they found a passion for Stage Management and decided to pursue it as a career.

Since then, they've worked with a companies such as Theo Ubique, Haven Chicago, Rough House, Pembereley Productions, and the American Musical Theatre Project. Most recently they've joined several of Northwestern University's Productions as a freelance PSM.

Outside of the theatre, Jayce is an avid fan of sci-fi and fantasy literature, movies, and games; putting their SM skills to good use by leading their friends through exciting adventures in Dungeons & Dragons and forcing them to learn very complicated rules to nerdy board games.

He also has a cat named Gordon Ramsay and yes... he's every bit as mean as the one in real life.

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